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Which engine are you using to create the game?

On a Roll is being developed using the Unity Engine, which is a very flexible multiplatform engine. Target platforms of the engine include PC/MAC/Linux/PS3/Xbox 360/PS4/Xbox ONE/PS Vita


What will On a Roll's controls be like?

We designed some really intuitive, organic feeling controls for On a Roll which are mostly based on the use of a controller's analog sticks. You won't have to memorize any crazy button combo's, because there is a real logic behind it all. For example when doing a grind trick the aim of each foot will be controlled a seperate analog stick, that way just have to think: How do I want to put my feet on this obstacle?


Will it be released on Steam?

Yes! On a Roll got greenlit in just 4 days, the game will be available on release, no early access.


Will there be a online/multiplayer mode?

We absolutely want to have an online multiplayer, but our main priority is the quality of the game. So it will depend on how much time we have.


Will there be female skaters in the game?

Absolutely! Currently we already did an extensive motion capture session with french 'bladie' Manon Derrien, but more will follow depending on the budget we manage to raise. Obviously the character editor will also offer the option to create you own custom female avatar.


Will there be a custom character editor?

Definitely! You'll be able to customize your avatar's face, bodytype, skin color, clothing, accesories skates, frames, heck you can even change your wheels and bearings!


Will there be a level editor?

Again, Depends on how much time we have left. Developing a decent level editor takes time and we want to be able to do it right. The last thing we want is for you're levels to look like a cheap IKEA playground.


Will there be old school legends featured in the game?

Considering the limited production budget of On a Roll, we weren't able to add all the pro skaters we actually wanted. Currently we have:

Richie Eisler, Dustin Werbeski, Antony Pottier, Manon Derien, Stephanie Richer, Anthony Finnociaro, Francis Ali and 3 other unknown skaters. Plus of course a custom character editor to create your own avatar.


However, since many other pro skater have expressed their interest in being in the game. We're considering releasing a DLC package with extra skaters once we've raised a bigger production budget.


Will real street/park locations be featured in the game?

There probably won't be any exact replica's of real life skate spots, however if there is a certain spot you absolutely want us to include, just drop us a line at: info@onaroll-studio.com and we'll see if we can integrate a part of it into On a Roll's open world.


When will a demo be available?

A public demo will be available for download shortly before the official release of the game.


What is the estimated release date of the final product?

Recently we managed to secure a bit of extra funding through the Flemish Audiovisual fund, this extra funding allows us to improve the game even more and possibly add a few more features, but to do so, we had to push back the game's release date to February 2017.


For which platforms will the game be released?

Steam / Playstation / Xbox


Are you looking for any Beta testers?

Since the game is currently in a pre-alpha stage, beta testing isn't relevant yet, however if you have experience with beta testing and are interested in beta-testing On a Roll, you can contact us at info@onaroll-studio.com and we will put you on the list.


Can I pre-order the game?

Not at the moment. However pre orders will made available a few weeks before the official release date.


Will there be baggy pants or any type of pants other than skinny jeans?

Yes absolutely! There will be clothing styles for everyone's personal taste.


Will we be able to customize our character's skates?

Yes! You'll be able to choose your boot, frame, wheels, bearings, colors etc.


Will the game feature real rollerblading brands?

Yes! Involvement of a specific brand will entirely depend on the brands cooperation and investment.


Will we be able to make edits?

Definitely! A replay system is already implemented in the current prototype, making these replays editable won't be a big challenge.